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giving back

when you work with us, amazing things happen

Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center

Austin Disaster Relief


At Peterson Group, we believe that business has the power to change lives by giving.  By doing business with us, you are helping people and making a meaningful difference. 


By partnering with the Business For Good (B1G1) global giving initiative, we are able to create a direct link between what we do and our giving. The process of giving to a good cause during the course of our daily business activities is a simple and effective way to affect change where it is needed and to make a difference in the world. Simply by engaging with us you are helping Peterson Group to conduct business in a more meaningful way, and we thank you for this.


The Power to Impact Lives

Consistently making small impacts, has the power to change lives.

When we do business, we give.

We believe business holds a responsibility to make a positive change. So, when we do business, we give.

Together we can make a big difference.

We’ve integrated giving activities into everything we do, by choosing us you are helping to make a big difference.